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Apollon Engine is an artificial intelligence assistant that helps music producers create music by analyzing emotions from images and text.

Apollon Engine assists you in creating the most suitable music for your uploaded images and text by performing emotion analysis. It then generates your desired music based on your selected music genre, ambiance, and tempo. You can further refine and finalize the produced music using professional music editing applications.

Creating music traditionally requires fundamental knowledge of music theory and a significant amount of time. With AI, you can create music quickly and effortlessly without any prior musical knowledge. You can then fine-tune and finalize the music using professional music editing applications.

What sets Apollon Engine apart from other AI music generation tools is its ability to perform emotion analysis on both images and text. This allows you to establish a connection between the produced music and your content.

You can create music in 25 different genres, with 21 different ambiences and 3 different tempos. Each produced music will be unique.

Anyone who needs music or has a passion for music can use Apollon Engine.

You can use Apollon Engine to create your own compositions, generate music for content you upload on social media, or simply to experience the sound accompanying an image.

You can sign up for Apollon Engine through the website, either as a free or professional member.

While your membership is active, you can upgrade to higher-tier packages at any time.

We would be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your membership at any time. After canceling, you can continue using Apollon Engine until the end of your current billing period.

Professional users have the option to assume the copyright for the music they create. However, in case of any legal issues arising from the use of images owned by others, Apollon Engine does not accept any responsibility.

If you create music using copyrighted images or text, the entire responsibility and copyright obligations lie with the user.

According to the Personal Data Protection Law, you can contact our company to request the deletion of your personal data, and we will remove it from our systems within 90 days.

Apollon Radio consists of music generated by Apollon Engine. You can listen to the music we create for you through playlists curated by our editors.