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How it works?

Compose Unique Music from Images in 4 Steps with Apollon Engine

Jenny Wilson

Step 1: Upload an Image

Create music with Apollon Engine by uploading an inspiring image. Whether it's a breathtaking landscape, an artistic painting, or a captivating photograph, simply upload the image and let the magic begin.

Ralph Edwards

Step 2: Write Any Text

Express your creativity by adding text that gives meaning to your music. Whether it's a powerful quote, a heartfelt message, or your own original lyrics, write down the words that touch you and let them shape your music.

Cameron Williamson

Step 3: Select Genre, Theme, and Tempo

Customize your music to fit your imagination. Choose from a wide range of 18 different genres, including pop, rock, classical, or electronic. Select a theme that resonates with the mood or story you want to convey. Set the tempo of the music to determine the rhythm and energy of your composition.

Jerome Bell

Step 4: Compose

Enjoy the music created by Apollon Engine. Relax and marvel as the uploaded image, chosen text, genre, theme, and tempo come together to create a unique and enchanting music experience.

Create Music with Apollon Engine and open the doors to a limitless world
where your imagination takes center stage, transforming the harmony of visuals and words into magical melodies.

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Ralph Edwards


Cameron Williamson

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